Friday, November 20, 2009


Last week we had figure model, Paul, posing for the group.
by (left to right)
Brian Stelfreeze, Elizabeth Stallings,
Katie Gronsbell, and Nancy Blum


Here is some of the artwork from our pose with the figure model, Ursula:
top by (left to right) Nancy Everett,
Maxine Hess, and Nancy Blum

(bottom) left to right by
Elizabeth Stallings and 2 by Elisha Fields

one more of elisha

here's one more of Elisha by Maxine Hess

Friday, November 6, 2009


Our model had an accident on the way to the group, so Elisha -- dressed in pink, filled in and even drew her own portrait from a photo of the session.
First set, (left to right) by Nancy Hunter, Elizabeth Stallings, Elisha Fields, and me (nancy blum)

left to right by Tom Wood and Consuelo Nino Delgado (2)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Two sets of drawings/paintings of Jessica:
Top: left to right by
Maxine Hess, Susan Proctor, Nancy Blum

from left to right: 2 by Consuelo Nino Delgado, 3 by Elisha Fields


from a couple of weeks ago,
here's Catherine, by from left to right:

Nancy Hunter, Maxine Hess, and Nancy Blum

catching up

Here are some new posts from past sessions by Nancy Hunter

more taking it easy

a few more additions: left to right

by Consuelo Nino Delgado and 2 by Elisha Fields