Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sketch Group

Thursday was my last day leading the Sketch Group!   Look forward to painting at more groups in Atlanta and having some more time to paint.  We had a wonderful model/singer who is returning to LA soon.  Here's my painting

And another painting, perhaps finished?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Looking at Art

I love to look at art on the internet.   We've never had such access to so much art.  It's interesting how different art can look when it's presented in different forms, in small jpegs or in person.  Sometimes the small images enhance the artwork, perhaps certain sizes or styles.  But so much is lost -- texture and subtle color variation.  It's hard to visualize the actual size of the artwork, even given dimensions.  

Artists have devised so many ways to look at art.   I paint with a mirror behind me, so I can look at the art in reverse.   There are minimizing mirrors and mirrors painted black underneath.   We often hold the painting upside down.  All these things are done to create a balanced painting (check values, etc.).  Now we can post images to Facebook and blogs and other sites.  The critiques and validation is so helpful to artists.  When painting by oneself, it's often difficult to judge ones own work.  

Some people are able to paint a painting and declare it complete.  The mood and inspiration can be fleeting.  But viewing the art over time, in different ways, I'm usually compelled to change things. 

Here are some recent still lifes, some posted in previous stages.  I think these are finished!