Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our model last week didn't show up so fortunately Jessica (talented artist) graciously filled in.
Here are a couple of drawings from the session:
by Elisha Fields (left) and me (right)

Nancy -- singer sits

Here are a few of the drawings of new model and singer, Nancy.

left to right:  2 by Elisha Fields, and right by me


Natalie inspired some more artwork from several members of the group.
Here are some of the drawings and paintings done during -- and after the group: left to right by

Elizabeth Stallings, 2 by Ric Skees, and me, Nancy Blum

and a few more by me:


In late July we had Amanda, artist Joan's granddaughter, pose for the Thursday group.
Here are two of the works from the group: left to right by Elizabeth Stallings and me