Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uglow and The Diagonal

                                                      The Diagonal Homage to Uglow by Nancy Blum
I recently have found (online see Painting Perceptions) the art of Euan Uglow.  He's probably well know to many artists -- especially British, and has influenced the work of figurative and still life artists.   He used devices to measure and order the canvas and felt it was important to leave those lines and angles in the painting.  Models posed for long periods of time, and even the fruit or vegetables had to stay in place to accurately be painted.  The changes in the fruit would be painted right over the original painting.

My small painting, on the other hand, was painted just over a period of a couple of days.  This was long enough for my beautiful carrots to undergo quite an aging process.  Not having a model on hand, I had to make do with the carrots and a toy chair I came across.  The carrots looked quite like legs to me...

So here is Uglow's Diagonal:

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